Bespoke Web Hosting – Server Management

Fair Pricing

I don’t want you to spend more than you need to. That’s why I’m flexible about structuring solutions to meet your specific technical and cost requirements, and I practise standardised pricing.

Designed for You

When I call my service ‘bespoke’, I mean it. Need enhanced scalability or maximum security? Whatever your circumstances I’ll find a solution that works for you.

Tailor-made Solutions

I know that one size doesn’t fit all. I will explore your hosting needs and tailor a solution that suits you – and then support you in managing it.

Flexible Bespoke Solutions

One of my specialties is offering custom hosting plans. This means that whatever it is you need, I can tailor our services exactly to your liking.

Whether you have specific demands regarding server infrastructure, or need your software to be tailored to your specific situation: flexibility is the key to building a successful solution.

cPanel Powered Shared Hosting

cPanel provides an intuitive interface to help website owners manage their sites. Professionals and novices alike love the power cPanel™ offers, including the ability to activate new web technologies with the click of a mouse.

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Bespoke Website Design

  • JavaScript 75%
  • CSS 85%
  • HTML 95%
Custom built HTML websites, designed to specification. Utilising the latest in web technologies to create fast stable elegant website deigns.

Bespoke front-end designs for Content Management System solutions powered by PHP and MySQL.

Custom website designs built on the ever popular WordPress core. Elegant fast and powerful website designs built to Specification.

Custom ZenCart powered website Designs, e-commerce website solutions that look and function great for any type of business.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive Web Design makes your web page look good on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones). Responsive Web Design Responsive Web Design is about using CSS and HTML to resize, hide, shrink, enlarge, or move the content to make it look good on any screen.

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Professional development

Technology is forever changing and I like to keep my designs current and utilise the latest technologies to build my clients’ websites.

Do you have a specific website requirement or design idea? Send me your ideas and I can find the best solution for you.

It is important to give your website the attention it deserves.

I build websites that conform with web standards from the W3C.
Request development Quotation.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results — often referred to as “natural,” “organic,” or “earned” results.

In general, the earlier (or higher ranked on the search results page), and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users, and these visitors can be converted into customers.

As an Internet marketing strategy, SEO considers how search engines work, what people search for, the actual search terms or keywords typed into search engines and which search engines are preferred by their targeted audience.

Optimising a website may involve editing its content, HTML and associated coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines.

Promoting a site to increase the number of backlinks, or inbound links, is another SEO tactic.

What Search Engines Look For?


Search engines want to do their jobs as best as possible by referring users to websites and content that is the most relevant to what the user is looking for.

So how is relevancy determined?


  • Content: Is determined by the theme that is being given, the text on the page, and the titles and descriptions that are given.


  • Performance: How fast is your site and does it work properly?
  • Authority: Does your site have good enough content to link to or do other authoritative sites use your website as a reference or cite the information that’s available?
  • User Experience: How does the site look? Is it easy to navigate around? Does it look safe? Does it have a high bounce rate?

Programming & Development

PHP Development
Mobile Java Development

I develop custom built PHP applications, purpose build to your specification, from simple web applications to complex database driven solutions.

PHP is a server-side scripting language designed for web development but also used as a general-purpose programming language.

I develop custom built Java mobile applications, purpose build to your specification, with a focus on Android Mobile Development .

Java is a general-purpose computer programming language that is concurrent, class-based, object-oriented, and specifically designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible.

VB.NET Development
Lunix Development

I develop Bespoke VB.NET applications, purpose build to your specification, from simple desktop applications to complex Database Solutions.

Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET) is a multi-paradigm, high level programming language, implemented on the .NET Framework.

Custom coded Linux Bash scripting solutions, simplify Linux tasks by utilising Bash and Shell command scripts.

Bash is the GNU Project’s shell. Bash is the Bourne Again SHell. Bash is an sh-compatible shell that incorporates useful features from the Korn shell (ksh) and C shell (csh).

Interested in any of my Bespoke Solutions

Software developed precisely for your business.